Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Men Are Scared Of Marriage?

Men-Fear-of-Marriage - Why Men Are Scared Of Marriage

Often men are scared of commitment but if they give a commitment, they are scared to get married. Why are men scared of marriage? Is it the loss of freedom or the stock of responsibilities which makes the man think twice and thrice before getting married.

Why are men scared of marriage?

Past experience: 
This is one of the most common reasons behind a man's thought about marriage. Unsuccessful marriage or love makes him think the same will or might happen with him. Betrayal or failure in love due to any reason such as misunderstanding or compatibility are also other reasons behind it.

Most of the men are scared to take responsibilities. Taking his own care is simple and easy but looking after a wife, kids and other household responsibilities can make him scared of getting married. Finance is other common reason behind men getting scared of marriage.

Men want to live free and getting married makes them lose their bachelorhood which is why few men are scared of getting married.

Unsettled life:
Men have to be settled before getting married as they have to look after the family. If the man is not working then he might hesitate to get married.
How to overcome the fear of marriage?

Find out the reasons:
See and observe what is stopping you from getting married. Analyze the reason and don't relate it to your life.

Overcome the fear: 
You have to overcome the fear of marriage by working on your reasons which are stopping you. If you don't overcome this fear, you can't settle with any girl.

Check your partner: 
See if your partner is the one to spend the whole life with. See if she is understanding and you both share some compatibility. Share your fears with her. See if you get any solution.

These are the basic reasons as to why men are scared of marriage. Try these guidelines to overcome the fear of marriage.

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