Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Relationship Is Real When.....

A Relationship Is Real When - two lovers

When can you call a relationship real? The question is not at all metaphorical. So do we mean people are living out make belief relationships that do not really exist? At the cost sounding melodramatic, we would have to say , 'yes'. Most of the relationships these days are virtual, as in people hold on to them because they have no choice. Some people are in a relationship over the Internet and some are having long distance relationships across continents; there is no harm in that but you can call a relationship tangible only when your love is tested.

Here are certain conditions for relationships to be real.
A Relationship Is Real When..

1. Commitment Is A State Of Being:
For most of us young people in this generation the word 'committed' means nothing more than a relationship status on Facebook. It is more for us to see and believe than to let others know. Commitment should come naturally to you instead of coming as a binding restraint on your social life. Only when you carry on with your normal social interactions without your commitment status holding you back is your love tested.

2. Living Together Under The Same Roof:
This is no offense to the couple living apart and still very much in love but you need to be living together under the same roof to know your real problems with each other. Be it a marriage or a live in relationship, staying together will bring out the major relationship conflicts.

3. Consummated:
Platonic love has it's own place but mostly that place is poetry. When we are talking about real relationships then consummate love has to be the premise of the discussion. Only when you touch and feel something it is real to you. Similarly, only when you are physically close to your partner will the 'real' element of your love be tested.

4.In A Crisis: 
It is very important to understand if your relationship in a crisis can survive. The crisis could be anything like an unplanned pregnancy, death of a child or disapproval of parents. You need to be in the crisis for this condition to be fulfilled. Hypothetical questions like what will you do if your mom says no or what if I get pregnant will not give you the real picture.

5. When You Say You Will Leave Him/Her But You Can't: 
A relationship is genuine only when you have fights. Couples who say that they have no fights are either lying or they are not really in love. When you both come to a stage where you say that you will leave each other just metaphorically then you you have arrived.

In this virtual world where nothing is real you should have the comfort of being in a real relationship. Test yourself and your partner for it.

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