Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Know That Your Guy Is Cheap?

How To Know That Your Guy Is Cheap - disaster date

Cheap guys are not rare specimens any more. You will find hoards of them traveling in buses, checking you out at malls and other public places. But what happens when one of those, at whom you silently sweared, becomes your boyfriend? The problems with your boyfriends are varied and have different intensities. But you will have to draw the line on how much raunchiness is fine with you.
If you are a decent girl, well worth wooing and winning, then there is no reason for you to stoop down and have a cheap boyfriend. These dating tips for women can help them determine if a guy is cheap or not.

Signs That Your Guy Is Cheap:

1. The Wanna Be:
Guys these days seem to think that it is really cool to be raunchy. So even if (luckily) they are not exactly cheap, they try to act cheap. It is an attempt to impress you or at least catch your attention. The typical of this 'type' is to say suggestive things that are totally out of character. The good news is that your boyfriend problems are mild. Your guy may not be all that bad. You just have tell him patiently that what he is doing is not cool.

2. The Hunter:
Beware of this category of guys, they are out to hunt and you are their prey. If he has an irritating habit of feeling you up when the lights go out in a movie theatre or in the dim lights of a disc then your guy is cheap. He is just trying to take advantage of you and you better put a stop to it.

3. The Show Off:
Some guys enjoy getting too cozy, especially when there is an audience. May be he is not trying to take advantage of you but by nature, he is cheap. Public display of affection is not cool. There is a line of decency and class to everything and nothing better than your female instincts to distinguish between right and wrong. Women have dating tips at their disposal but their gut feeling is what really guides them.

4. The Miser: 
Where ever money is involved a date disaster follows. A guy can be cheap in more ways than one. If you see him take advantage of his friends financially or borrow money from you continuously, that too is a sign of cheapness. If he is basically living off others what sort of future do you have with him?

5. The Brute:
Some guys are just plain ill mannered. They will turn up to meet your parents in torn jeans, be unshaven for an interview and basically do everything that goes against your personal hygiene rules. If you have such problems with your boyfriend then the choices are obvious. Either reform him or return him.
These relationship tips will help you identify a cheap guy but what you do with that knowledge is up to you.

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