Sunday, November 11, 2012

Few Fun Facts About Dating !!!

Few Fun Facts About Dating - man and woman hugging each other

When you see your friends getting committed, you feel like dating someone and the hunt to search your partner takes speed! Dating is not just getting a partner to share your feelings and thoughts with, but a fun filled new chapter of your life! Not all relationships are serious or complicated. Take a look at the fun facts about dating.

5 fun facts about dating:

Free shopping:
This is a fun fact for women but for men, it is an expensive fact!!! Women love shopping and poor men have to spend their money to make their girlfriends happy. Shopping is a common activity which increases more when you start dating.

When you are dating, you want your partner to be perfect. You also try to appear perfect in front of your date so as to impress him/her. Bad breath or unclean partner eventually leads to break up in the initial stages.

Double dating:
Most of the dating couples are into double dating. This is one of the facts known about dating but never accepted by couples. Double dating is not intentional but this can happen with the passage of time. Also the control of the third person over your thoughts makes this possible.

5-6 months over?:
One of the fun facts about dating is, most of the relationships get over after 5-6 months get over. This is a common thing among teenagers and flirts! It is because they can't stick to one thing for a long period of time. Moreover, stability is not a concern among teens. Dating to them, is fun.

Not all dates end up in knot: 
Another fun fact about dating is, not all love relationships or dates end up in marriage. Only few couples survive the long love relationship.

These are few fun facts about dating!

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