Monday, November 5, 2012

6 Cruel Things Men Do To Women !!!

6 Cruel Things Men Do To Women

We all know that men and women are from different planets. That is why, we can't understand the psychology of both of them. However, based on experiences we can easily find out when men are good and when they are cruel. Either to make their women jealous or to take some revenge, men can get cruel at times. Here are 6 cruel things that men do to women.

Emotions are shit:
 Men are not emotional and thus they feel that emotions are nothing but a piece of shit. They are not emotional that doesn't mean that women have to change themselves. Women are emotional and this is not a weakness... Men will not be considered cruel when they start respecting sentiments and don't play with the emotions.

Use women as freelancers: 
If men want someone to sleep with, they will talk to a woman just to satisfy themselves. The woman is considered as a freelancer or rather freebee who can be played with just for their own pleasure. Most of the women complain about this selfish act of men. Few men even have the guts to say this on the face. Women at times become targets to such bad boys!

Mood swings:
 Men say that it is difficult to understand women. We say the same! Men suffer from a lot of mood swings. Sometimes they are really romantic and other times they will not bother about your existence only. It is one of the cruel things men do to women.

Making her jealous:
 It is fine to make your woman jealous in a healthy way. When you start taking serious steps, you might risk your relationship. Making her jealous by sleeping with someone else can worsen the situation. So, be very careful before planning out some 'make her jealous' acts. You can end up losing her forever.

Takes her for granted: 
A woman is emotional and when she falls in love, she gets attached. Men take advantage of this feeling and try to use her. Playing with her emotions, not caring for her, fighting unnecessarily are few examples that show how men use women and take them for granted.

Doesn't hug her after making love: 
Women want to be felt special and not used. After making love, men do not hug or talk to her but just sleep. Men get tired so they desire to sleep after a hideous job. However, they should not ignore the desires of their women. Worst, many women complain that men do not call after making love. Isn't it cruel and selfish??

These are few cruel things that men do to women. There are more cruel things. These ones are generalized based on experiences. If your man has done something cruel with you, do share with us.

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