Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Ways To Earn Your Man's Respect !!!

5 Ways To Earn Your Man's Respect - woman hugging man

Respect is not bought but earned. Just like this statement is true for your work place, it also holds true for your relationship. Respect is a very important component of a relationship. You can probably stay together without love, but if there is no respect for each other, then the relationship is doomed. Men can earn their respect by doing a good job, taking care of their girl, being chivalrous etc. But many a times women expect to be respected without doing anything to earn respect.

You cannot have a demanding appraoch in a relationship You must know what men love in women the most if you want to earn the respect that is due to you. Here are some suggestions.

1. Do not dress like a cheap girl:
 Men might love women who dress in skimpy clothes. However, this love is restricted to their eyes. They might leach at a girl who is dressed in a cheap way but they will never take such a girl home to introduce her to their mother(guy's mom). Dress professionally and in a decent way to get the respect that you deserve.

2. Don't be too available:
 Men love women who know how to carry themselves with dignity. If you are going to giggle at silly jokes and fall over him while talking, he will never take you seriously. You need to have a strong personality and conduct yourself in a manner that will make him respect you. This does not mean that you stop laughing and talking altogether. You just have to know when to talk and at what point to bless him with your laughter.

3. Earn his mother's respect: 
All men look up to their mothers as the perfect example of womanhood. It does not matter whether you like your boyfriend's mother or not. But earning her respect is going play the most vital role in your relationship. When you meet your boyfriend's mother, do not give away to much about yourself. Gauge her personality first and then frame your response accordingly.

4. Never keep conditions:
 Men hate to be tied down. If you are going to keep conditions for him from the beginning of your relationship, he will never respect you. Try to be a little selfless in your dealings with him. Instead of forcing him to party with you every weekend, cook once in a while. Stay home for a movie night and have fun.

5. Be his Life-Manager:
 Most men are clumsy by nature. They like to have someone to clean up their mess. That is why men love women who can handle the tiny details of their life. For example, remind him of their bill payment dates, get a new set of undergarments for him and be his financial account keeper.
You must be able to challenge your man's expectations from you and outshine them every time. These are some difficult but reliable ways to earn respect from your man. 

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