Monday, November 5, 2012

How Men Get Over A Break Up?

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Going through a break up can be really painful. Mending a broken heart is not easy. Only time can heal the pain. Both men and women have their own ways of coming over a break up. It is always believed that only women mourn over a break up and men don't. Why to come to a conclusion when you do not know what actually happens to men?

Men do not express or cry in front of others after a break up. This doesn't mean that they do not have a heart! When they get dumped or have to end their relationship due to some reasons, it is difficult for them to move on. Lets find out how men get over a break up and move on..

How men get over a break up?

Video game is the new partner:
 Men are gadget freaks and we all know this. So when they are in depression, video games, play stations and mobile games come to their relief. Many men keep playing video games for hours to keep themselves engaged. This helps them avoid thinking about the ex girlfriend as the adrenaline rush takes its toll on the game.

Saddy songs to become strong:
Remember how Sid (Rahul Bose) in Pyaar Ke Side Effects listens to sad songs to get over the grief. Few men try to listen to sad songs just to get over a break up. Crying out (inside their rooms) helps them become strong and move on in life.

Party to freak out:
A majority of men prefer partying after a break up. There can be many reasons behind this craze. It might be to forget ex and just live life to the end or to get a new chick. However, friends, loud music and drinks help men come over a break up easily. Crowd and party mood helps men forget about the depression that has taken its toll on them.

Beer to cheer up:
Watching television like a couch potato and having a beer in hand is a common scene that we see with men who have recently had a break up. For men, alcohol is the magic mushroom to heal a broken heart. Remember Devdas? Beer is the true partner for men who is always there when they are sad or depressed.

New chick at her place:
Few men take a break up to their ego. Immediately after a break up, a man tries to get a new cheek to replace the ex. Women know that this is a habit of men to enjoy their freedom post break up. However, most of the men just find a new chick to cry on or to sleep with. These are purely done to forget ex and get over the depression. Flirting with a new girl after a break up doesn't always mean that he didn't love his ex.

These are few ways that men use to get over a break up. Do you do something else to move on? Share with us.

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