Monday, November 5, 2012

Lies That A Boyfriend Loves To Hear !!!

love-expensive - Lies That A Boyfriend Loves To Hea

It is said that there is no fair game in love. You have to do a lot many things to make your boyfriend happy. Sometimes you have to play naughty, and even have to lie. Well there is absolutely no harm in telling lies that are harmless. Here are a few lies that almost all boyfriends love to hear:

You Are Good At Everything
This is a lie that all boyfriends love to hear. Men in general are very fond of the idea that they are good at everything they do. So, no matter whether you like it or not just say this to your boyfriend to make him happy. In this manner you can also impress your boyfriend in an easy manner.
You Are A Dude- Now, all men are not dudes. And not being a dude does not make them undeserving in any way. So, no matter if your boyfriend is a dude or not. Just say this and see how elated they become.

You Have Great Body
It is a completely wrong notion that only women love compliments. Even men do. They love to hear that they have a great body. This gives them a feeling that they are hot and good looking. Boyfriends become very happy after hearing lies as such.

You Are Good In Bed
If your boy friend is not excellent in bed, do not discourage his hard efforts. Encourage your boyfriend by telling this harmless lie. Even if you were not happy last night say this to your boyfriend and make him happy.

You Can Call Me Anytime
Now, this is something that everyone should understand. You obviously cannot keep attending the calls of your boyfriend at any time and any place. But, if you say this they shall be offended. So, say a lie to your boyfriend that they can call you any time and see how that makes them happy.

Baby I Think Of You Whole Day 
Just say this lie to your boyfriend and see how happy he becomes. You quite for sure do not do this. But, there is no harm in saying such a lie if this makes your boyfriend happy.

I Love You More Than Myself
This is never possible that a person can love someone more than they do themselves. But, this is one of the sweetest lies in love to make someone smile with delight. Without any proper reasoning they love to think of the idea that someone can love them so intensely.
These are all few lies that your partner would love to hear.

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