Tuesday, November 13, 2012

5 Valentine Gifts Women Hate !!!

5 Valentine Gifts Women Hate! - surprising a girl

Couples gift each other on every small occasion but valentine's day is something special. Both women and men expect a special gift on this romantic day. Men have basic idea on what women like as presents. It is high time to know that women are bored of few common gifts. She would expect something special and new. To impress your valentine, choose the best gift. Here are few gifts which women hate to take. Keep these presents in mind and avoid buying them for your girl.

Valentine gifts women hate:

Thriller novels: Even if your woman loves to read books, avoid gifting her a book on valentine's day. A romantic novel can be a good gift for your valentine but always remember her likes before buying.

Women love to get a real diamond or gold ring on valentine's day. If your budget doesn't allow such expensive gifts, drop the idea and plan something else which will make her happy and impress her easily.

Video game:
This is one of the worst valentine's day gift ideas. Men would love to get such gifts but majority of women hate gadgets. Gifting a new feminine phone can be a better idea.

This is a selective gift which would not be liked by all women. Generally, women expect romantic and better gifts on valentine's day. Women hate getting lingeries as gift. If you are planning to present it to your girlfriend, it is a worst gift idea. However, if the couple is comfortable, then the man can consider presenting a sensual lingerie.

It is another worst gift idea. Women hate to accept such present especially on valentine's day. Even if your woman has a fetish for heels, avoid gifting her a new pair. Instead take her out for shopping and impress her.

These are few gifts women hate to accept on valentine's day.

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