Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Deal With A Drunk Girlfriend?

Drunk-Girl-Lipstick-How To Deal With A Drunk Girlfriend

It may be nice to take your girlfriend to a pub but after a couple of drinks you may find her acting weird and get uncontrollable.

Girls do a lot of crazy things when they are on high with drink. They faint most of the times, cry for no reason and laugh like a witch. Today, we are planning to save those boyfriends who feel embarrassed about their girlfriend's behaviour and the added mess. Take a look.

Dealing With Drunk Girlfriend

1. When you find your girlfriend remaining mum after a couple of drinks, stop offering her more as it is hint that she is getting high.

2. Do not shout at her when she misbehaves instead remain calm and make her understand that it is time to leave the place.

3. Plan to meet her the next day and narrate the entire incident. Generally, your drunk girlfriend wouldn't remember whatever happened the previous night so tell her everything and advice her to keep her alcohol intake in limits.

4. You can educate her about alcoholic drinks and their effects. Advice her to order mocktails or fruit punch that are healthy and will keep her in control.

5. You can even give examples of your friend's girlfriends who got drunk and misbehaved at bars so that she gets your point indirectly and tries to avoid being them.

The teenagers of today feel that drinking and smoking is being fashionable and trendy so the best way to handle them is simply allow them to continue with what they think is correct and face the incorrects!

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