Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sacred Guy Code: Rules Men Live By !!!!

The Sacred Guy Code- Rules Men Live By - men celebrating - guys

Call them men, call them boys, they live by some rules that are unwritten but sacred to the male community. These rules for a man constitute the guy code which is more like 'code of conduct' that defines a man's interactions with his guy friends and the opposite sex. Men, be they good, bad or ugly cannot outgrow this code and breaking it comes with severe penalties. You will straight away be marked as a guy who is not 'man enough'.

If you are in a relationship with a man you better know what this guy code is so that you can crack into this secret all encompassing brotherhood of men.

Rules Of The Guy Code:

1. Never Back Down From A Fight: 
Guys, no matter what their nature is, they will never back away from a potential fight. If they do then it will be interpreted as his reluctance to fight a just battle (every spat is 'morally just' for them). So if your boyfriend walks out of a fight and blames you for it, he is just soothing his conscious for having broken the rules of manhood.

2. Never Fraternize With Women At The Cost Of Your Friends: 
So if there is a choice between going for a dinner date with you and watching a ball game with his guy friends, he is honour bound to chose the second option. If he doesn't then he has become a 'jelly'.

3. Never Sell Out Your 'Bros':
A guy has a fixed number of friends who he calls 'bros' (brothers). They are not his best friends but his closest group of friends. A guy must never tell on his bros, it is the most heinous crime to do so. So if his 'bro' is two-timing your best friend, then be ready for a denial.

4. Never Pick A Marked Woman:
Just like tigers mark their mate, so do men. The most acceptable rule in a man's world is to never try your luck on a girl already coveted by somebody. So if you really like a guy and he keeps ignoring your charms then be rest assured, you have been 'marked' by his friend.

5. Your Friend's Ex Is Out Of Bounds: 
The most serious breach of the guy code is for a man to get into a relationship with a woman who has been his friend's girlfriend. The concept of 'ex' does not exist when it comes to guys. Their memory might fail in mundane day to day things but their real memories run real deep.

6. You Cannot Be 'Just Friends' With Your Friend's Girl:
A man has rules that stop them from accepting women into this 'bro' group. If you are 'friends' with your bro's girlfriend then you will be eyed with suspicion in your circles.

Use these points of the guy code as relationship tips to get along with men .

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