Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Text a Girl You Like ??!!

How to Text a Girl You Like - texting

How to text a girl you like something that every guy should know.  No matter how much you like her or how much she likes you, one thing remains absolutely certain: communication is key.  Without communication, your relationships will go nowhere. And today, texting is the preferred method of communication by many women.

Knowing how to text a girl you like is a powerful and effective way to get a girl really interested in you.  Below is a short list on how you should go about texting a girl you like so that you set yourself up to be attractive to her:

Be “cocky-funny”
Create social proof
Be patient and take your time
Don’t be “Mr. Nice Guy”
Flirt with her whenever you can
Keep text messages short and simple
Aim to generate curiosity
Reverse roles to make her chase you
Lead, don’t follow
Keep your composure if things go wrong
Don’t respond immediately
Twist her words around and tease her
Focus on fun and nothing else
Don’t ask for a date over text
End on a high note

These 15 useful tips on how to text a girl you like can be used as a cheat sheet the next time you text a girl that you have an interest in . You don’t have to use all of these at the same time, but try applying a few of them to start.  Then, gradually integrate more of these as you grow more comfortable with texting girls.  The most important part to remember though when learning how to text a girl you like is to have fun!  The results will come in due time if you keep at it and constantly be looking to better your communication skills.

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