Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Golden Rules to Avoid Rejection !!!

5 Golden Rules to Avoid Rejection

Most guys get rejected when asking for a girl’s number because they ask for the number too early.  They have not taken the time necessary to give the girl a reason for giving out her number.  A girl is not going to give out her number unless she feels attraction and even if a girl does give out her number, it is unlikely that she will pick up.  In order to learn how to get a girls number, you need to build attraction first.  Action follows attraction.

If you want to avoid rejection, follow these 5 Golden Rules on how to get a girls number:

Golden Rule #1: Flirt With Her
If you’ve ever observed a fighter in the ring, it’s not often that he will immediately go for the knockout punch.  Instead, he will usually feel his opponent out first to gain knowledge of if he will be able to deliver a successful attack.  Flirting is the best way to feel her out.  You should always flirt with her before asking for her number to see how she reacts to you first.  If she denies your flirting, she is indicating that she is not attracted to you and probably will not give you her number. If, however, she accepts your flirting, she may be indicating that she is attracted to you and will most likely give you her number if you ask for it or if she prompts you to take it.

Golden Rule #2: Let Her Prompt
One of the best ways of how to get a girls number is to let her prompt you to take it.  Her prompting is better than you asking since it significantly reduces the risk of rejection.  When she prompts you, she is basically telling you to ask her for her number.  In order for her to prompt you effectively, you have to use some bait for her to bite on.  For example:

You:  I usually go to the art gallery once every month. (Bait)
Her:   Oh how fun!  I always wanted to go there! (Prompt)
You:  The next time I go is this Wednesday.  Give me your number and I’ll take you.
Substitute art gallery for anything that is a common interest.

Golden Rule #3: Never Give Out Your Number Unless She Gives Out Hers
If you think that by giving out your number she will automatically give out her number, you’re delusional.  If you think that by giving out your number she will automatically call you, you’re also delusional.  She will not call you.  She will throw away your number though.

If you ask for her number and she counters with asking for your number first, at the very least, ask her to trade, but don’t give something without getting something back in return.

Golden Rule #4: Only Ask If You Have Established a Positive Connection
Do not ask for her number if you have not gotten to know her and have not established a positive connection.  If you have established a positive connection, asking for her number will be easy.  Without a positive connection, at best you will have no connection and at worst you will have a negative connection and asking for her number in both instances would be pointless.

Golden Rule #5: Getting Her Number Is Only One Option
When you learn how to get a girls number, you also learn how to get a girls Facebook, instant messenger, and e-mail, all of which can effectively precede asking her for her number.  It is easier to get a girl’s Facebook, instant messenger and e-mail because it is a more casual question.  The trick is to ask for her Facebook, instant messenger and e-mail first before you ask for her number.  This will increase your chances of success because subconsciously, she has already said yes to you contacting her or finding more about her.

Stick to these 5 Golden Rules on how to get a girls number, and watch your contact list fill up with more numbers from girls than you ever thought possible. Good luck!

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