Monday, October 22, 2012

Besides Her Body … What to Love ??!!

proud-woman-mirror-horiz - Besides Her Body … What to Love

Women like (or dislike) men for their personalities. And they know that their bodies are only “useful” for one fuck. It’s their personality that will keep a good man. So women value personality very highly. They value their own, and thus men’s. Compounding, they want men to be dominant, which is all mental. Compounding upon that, they want men to value their personalities, because if a man only wants her body, he only needs her for 5 minutes!

Learn to value and appreciate women’s personalities. This shows that you have a good personality, and you are basing your interest off her personality, so that you will stick around. A woman will not (with the rare exception), have sex with you if she feels like you have no long-term potential.

I love women who are smart. Most guys are intimidated by this, and so women hide their intelligence. I show my intelligence right away, so that women try to compete with me. You’ll realize that once you get to a certain level, there is no “smarter,” just different.

I meet women all the time that are more intelligent than I, when it comes to certain subjects or areas of interest. But there are some areas that I dominate. It’s good this way because we can learn from each other, which brings us closer.

Don’t compete with women. Learn from them. When a woman sees that you appreciate her, without being a wuss, offering your own intelligent contribution, she’ll go crazy for you.

It’s hard to find a women who is funny like your boys are funny. But some women really do have a great sense of humor. The problem is they hide it for fear of turning you off. When a woman shows a semblance of sense of humor, notice it aloud and encourage it by playing along.

Women can be really funny. The funniest woman I know is my Mom. She’s hilarious! Maybe I’m biased, but from her I learned that women can be funny, but in a feminine way. Women don’t make jokes like men do, but they are very fun, silly people! Learn to laugh with women, and keep the mood light.

When you can laugh with a woman, you can fuck a woman.

I keep saying, “learn from women.” This is crucial. Imagine learning a different language. You will understand written language much better, because you have a different perspective on syntax, and word-meaning.

Gaining perspective from the opposite sex means you get the opposite perspective. This is like getting a haircut and being able to see the back of your head with a hand mirror reflecting into the big mirror. This is like seeing an object from the front and the back.

This is the difference between seeing in 2D vs. 3D. Most guys see n 2D. When you appreciate and learn about the female perspective, you can see in 3D. This is how I see, and it pays off, trust me!

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