Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Words A Lying Boyfriend Uses !!!

5 Words A Lying Boyfriend Uses

It is very difficult to know if someone is lying to you or not. You might trust the person but he/she can play with your trust and emotions by lying. There is no such way to detect a liar. When you are dating, you cannot directly know a lying partner. If you doubt, you end up fighting. Apart from gestures and tension that builds on the forehead, you can catch a lying boyfriend by the words he uses. Lets brief out few words that can help you catch a liar boyfriend.
5 words a lying man uses:

'think' I did it: Think is a word which means that there is no surety. You can easily catch a lying boyfriend if he uses the word think. It becomes more easier if he says confidently and then goes to think!

'left' from the place at blah blah time: Instead of saying that he reached home by this time, if he says he left from the party or friend's place, you have to start using your detective mind. It clearly shows that your boyfriend is lying to hide something from you.

Have I 'ever' done this?: A man uses 'ever' to prove himself right and curb your doubt. It is a word that directly attacks your emotions and makes you question, "How can I doubt my boyfriend?" He might have done something so he is trying to clarify and prove you that he is a good boyfriend. A man will only talk like that when he has done something that he shouldn't do. It is a way of compensating or hiding it.

'That' lady was crazy: This word can be taken as a word that a man uses while lying. It is a word which men use to manipulate a woman. The word that also helps him get rid of the blame you just put on him. For example, "That lady was trying on me" is a statement that shows him innocent. All your anger will shift from him to that lady. It is one of the words a lying boyfriend uses.

Why 'would' I do this to you?: Instead of saying I Will, a man uses would. This brings a doubt inside the mind of a woman. Nothing unusual. I would have left should be I will leave. Will shows the confidence of a man whereas would shows confusion and unwillingness to leave something. It is a word that can detect a liar boyfriend.

These are few words that can help you detect a liar boyfriend. These are just examples to know if your man is lying to you or not. There are many other words that a man can use while lying. You have to observe and catch when you find the right word or gesture.

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