Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Deal With A Workphobic Man?

How To Deal With A Workphobic Man

When you start dating, you always desire to become a priority in your partner's life. There are many cases where you will find your man or woman keeps you as the top priority and never lets you down. But, there are few career-oriented people who do not treasure the value of a partner. If you have a man who loves career more than you, then here are few tips to deal with such a workphobic.
Deal with a workphobic man:
Talk to him: Many women get into extra-marital affairs only at the time when their men do not ask their wives. If you want to save your relationship, talk to your man and discuss. Explain him that it becomes impossible for you to manage everything alone. If he fights with you, you have to take a stand.
Can you ignore?: This is what many women wish to do, ignore their men. But, is it really possible to ignore your man and stay in your own world, the way he does? The answer is a big Yes! You have to stop caring about him. When he is not bothered to ask and care about you, just leave him and start concentrating on yourself. When he is not at all interested to think about you and the dedication that you have towards him, start thinking that he doesn't exist. Many women suffer as their men are always far away for work or business purpose. Thus, these women gets used to staying all alone. Even if workphobic men are at home, they will hardly look above their laptop screen!
Hang out with friends: Why die alone when your man is not bothered about you? Go out, meet your friends and spend some time out of your house. This is one of the best ways to deal with depression that comes when you stay with a man who loves his career more. Go out, shop, party and enjoy with friends.
Ask him: You do not need to ask him to leave his job and sit at home with you. Here, this tip means that you have to ask your workphobic man if he going to prioritize you with his job or not. The answer will make clear on what he values the most. If he tries to explain, you stand on your front and tell how much you suffer when he leaves you all alone. NOT REAL
Decide: If your man is not at all bothered, you have to take a decision. If he loves career more, it is best that you move on. It is no use of staying with a person who can't respect your existence in his life. If your workphobic man understands your issues and is ready to solve them, restart.

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