Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why Women Ask "Do I Look Fat in These?"

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Dating is exciting. You’re getting to know each other and all seems well, then out of nowhere she asks you the most dangerous relationship question of all--Do I look fat in these honey? Now the trap is laid and you have to answer. Talk about frustrating.

Make no mistake about it --this question is notorious for a reason: it's very difficult to answer without getting yourself into trouble. This is a test, and your chances of getting laid again depend entirely on how you perform. A quick "no" means you didn't even look and she'll have a reason to feel annoyed. Giving a slow "no" will inevitably prompt a response like, "You had to think about it?" which is then accompanied by crying, yelling, heated discussion of arguments you had long forgotten about, etc. Say "yes" and you're as good as single.

Answering women's questions can always be difficult, but exactly what is the right answer to this question? There is really no good answer to the “do I look fat?” question. The reason is that the wrong answer (and to be honest, that could be any answer or, no answer at all) can bring the wrath of the cast iron skillet across your head. However, if you hope to stand a chance, you have to be able to decode the message sent when she asks you and know what she wants to hear, even if it means seriously stretching the truth.

Most of the time, women ask this question to test their mate to make sure they give the right answer and are usually seeking reassurance that they look as hot as they feel and not real honesty. However, there are some women who honestly want to know if they look a little plump or fat in a particular outfit so they can change into something else that their man would be attracted to. A good portion of ladies think about their looks all the time and are self-conscious about their bodies in the same way that men are self-conscious about sex and they want to feel better about themselves.

One good trick to handling this question the right way is to give the slightest pause, as if you're checking her out for the first time with a quick head-to-toe followed by a crisp "no!" If you're not sure where she's coming from or how to respond right away, you're free answer this difficult question by asking another question right back. For example, say something like "No, I don't think that you look fat, but why do you ask?" Then look utterly shocked and follow that with a loud 'can you be serious?' kind of tone: DON'T BE CRAZY! Whether she shares more with you or not, take her hands, look deep into her eyes with all the supreme male confidence you can muster and tell her she's the most desirable, beautiful woman you've ever seen.

Another way the question could be answered is with a joke. For example, if she asks you "do I look fat in these jeans?", you could attack it with "I'd like them better crumpled on the floor" or "you're the type of woman who looks better naked". If you feel you have to say something negative, comment on the clothes, rather than on your girlfriend. You don't want to lie to her and watch her go out in something that is truly unflattering, so to avoid hurting her feelings (and keep you out of the doghouse) simply saying "Honey, you know I love your body, but those jeans are awful" is a lot better than "yes, those jeans make your ass look huge."

Remember, it is important to have a relationship where you tell the truth, but sometimes it is critical that you tell a little white lie. The general rule is, women ask a question and men search for the “right” answer, or at least for one that will result in as little trouble as possible.

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