Sunday, September 9, 2012

The 5 Best Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend...

talking-with-your-girlfriend - The 5 Best Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend
So, when was the last time you communicated with your girlfriend on a deeper level? Sure, many guys find communication intimidating, but have you ever thought about the level of understanding you share with her? To understand a woman, you would need to know her completely, and emotional attachment is as important as being physically involved with a person.

Your comfort level with your girlfriend should reach a level where both of you can talk about anything without any inhibitions, and when both partners understand each other completely, a beautiful relationship can sustain. Here’s a list of the 5 best questions to ask your girlfriend which will reveal many details about her personality and help strengthen your relationship.

1. What is your favorite activity to do with me?
Asking your girlfriend this question will help you identify whether you share the same interests and hobbies. If you like bowling and she likes cycling, you may have to rethink your plans the next time you are together. Learning her answer to this question will help you find compromise in your relationship when it comes to planning things together.

2. How far do you want our relationship to go?
Both of you need to be aware of how the other feels about where the relationship is headed. If the two of you have different expectations then you are better off knowing now rather than finding out later and getting hurt.

3. Do you trust me on every level?
Trust is absolutely the biggest part of any relationship. If she doesn't trust you, then there is within your relationship that needs to be discussed and worked out immediately. Find out whether or not her mistrust is justified or if it stems from her own insecurities.

4. Do you feel comfortable coming to me about anything?
For women, talking and sharing are bonding experiences which help them build solid relationships, but if she says that she doesn't feel comfortable, you should reflect on whether or not you make yourself open and available to her. Encourage her to open up without offering any solutions or trying to change her feelings. If you have done this technique, it may be a personal problem or emotional baggage that keeps her from opening up.

5. When are you the happiest with our relationship?
This question forces her to think of positives about the relationship, and her answer will also give you some ideas about what you can focus on that will make the relationship even stronger. Be sure that you have thought of an answer yourself, because she is likely to turn the question back on you!

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