Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Do Smart Guys Date Dumb Girls?

Why Do Smart Guys Date Dumb Girls
Why do you think that smart guys choose to date dumb girls? The answer to this question is within the question. It is simply because they are 'smart guys'. Most intelligent guys have this weird tendency to go for the dumb blonde. They might get bored and gradually repent their decision but, at first sight, they make a beeline for the silly chicks.

There are few ways to explain why smart men are benefited while dating dumb girls. See if you can relate to these.

Advantages Of Having A Dumb Girlfriend:

1. Your word is law. Basically, whatever you say passes without questions. Whether it your vacation destination or career path, you get to first preference. This is probably because she is herself aware of her limited intellectual capacities. So, she doesn't waste any of her time in arguing with you.

2. She is in awe with you. When a dumb blonde chick lands up with a hunk, she is on top of the world. So, you are her arm candy. She would do anything to please you just to show you off to her friends.

3. She will never suspect your intentions. Any woman who is worth wooing and winning will have certain demands from you. She would expect a commitment or your undivided attention.But here you are in a position of advantage with dumb girls. They usually do not push the issue of marriage or a commitment too soon because they cannot believe their luck anyway. You can call the shots without losing anything in the bargain!

4. She is safe with your friends. You can be assured of your dumb girlfriend's intentions when you are sloshed. Even if you leave her in the care of your guy friends, her loyalty towards you will remain the same. As she is so dumb (according to you), your friends would not be interested in her either. Its a win-win situation for you.

5. Men have huge ego. Being a man you know how huge your ego is! So, if you find an equal match in a woman, you will probably not be able to sustain it for long. It requires dedication to be in a relationship with a woman of substance, because she will have a mind of her own (rightfully so). Thus it is much easier for smart guys to date dumb girls. Dumb girls are a fuel to your ego.

These are some of the reasons to answer, Why smart guys date dumb girls. If you know any other feasible reason, do share it with us.

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