Monday, June 18, 2012

If You Know Me Well...

If You Know Me Well...
When you are in love, you would expect your partner to know certain things about you. You might have a few secrets but, there are certain things that you must discuss with your partner to make your relationship even more better. When you know your partner well, you should keep these points in mind to have a healthy relationship.

Never get me footwear: Gifts can be a great surprise for your partner. But, picking a wrong gift item can be really disastrous! Never gift footwear to your partner. Although women love high heels and other fashionable footwear, it is still a bad gifting idea. To be on the safer side take her shopping and let her buy a footwear of her choice.

Do not check my phone: Often couples doubt on each other and this is why they keep checking each others' phone to keep a track of their partner. If trust is not there in a relationship, how can it be healthy? This is why, partners often say, “If you know me well, you do not need to check my phone!”

Stop stalking me: Too much of possessiveness can only harm a healthy and loving relationship. It is a common habit of girls to stalk their handsome men. This may be due to lack of trust, insecurity or jealousy. It shows that your partner is possessive. For a loving relationship, have faith in your partner.

You will keep loving me: After a period of time every relationship grows up by one level. If you are serious in a relationship, you will expect your partner to know and respect your feelings. When love is in the air, all you want is the company of your partner. Sometimes, men can't express their feelings and end up complicating their love lives. So, women always feel like saying, “If you know me well, please keep loving me forever....”

You will remember my dislikes: When you know your partner, you should keep his/her likes and dislikes in mind. Imagine your partner doing something which you do not like. How would you feel? Angry right! It is a human nature to react on something that you dislike. The case gets more complicated when your partner knows about it and, you still commit the mistake. Remember the dislikes of your partner, keep them in mind and avoid to the utmost level!

Keep these points in your mind if you know your partner very well!

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