Monday, June 18, 2012

7 Things To Prove That Chivalry Is Dead!

7 Things To Prove That Chivalry Is Dead!
Sorry girls but you have arrived too late. Chivalry is dead in this world. The boorish way in which men behave these days makes you wish that you were born in the middle ages. The types of men you encounter now hardly do anything to make you feel special. I guess this is what women have lost out in the struggle to achieve equality.

But women will be women and we ourselves admit that we can be confusing sometimes. What women want is freedom but they still want their men to care for them. Here are some live examples to prove that chivalry is dead.

Chivalry Is Dead.. Thus..

1. Men no more pay the bills. Forget about offering to pay the bill, they brazenly ask you to go dutch (that pay half of the bill). Their excuse for this rudeness is that we earn just as well as they do.

2. Men have forgotten to hold the door for their ladies. Do not be surprised if your guy asks you to hold the door for him. So now we are the doormen while the men pass by unmindfully talking over the phone!

3. Men do not stand when a lady gets up to leave. Forget about standing, they don't even hesitate to remind her to pay half of the bill before leaving. And to place cherry on the cake, they ask her to leave a tip!

4. Men no longer pick up your luggage or shopping bags. In fact, they fuss about how heavy their laptop bags are and even look at you with pleading eyes for help.

5. Men rarely lend their arms to support their girlfriends these days. We do not know whether it is because chivalry is dead or women have started walking faster than men.

6. Men do not offer to drop their girlfriend home after a party these days. This is because most of the time they are too drunk to drive home themselves. It is their girlfriends who drop them home!

7. Husbands these days are scared to give their wives the option to quit their jobs after marriage or during pregnancy. Who will listen to the 'I am equal' speech afterward?

What women want is very difficult to put in words, but they definitely want a well behaved guy. So the fact that chivalry is dead does hurt them. Have you met some men who proved this otherwise?

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