Monday, June 18, 2012

Funniest Blind Date Disasters Ever!

Funniest Blind Date Disasters Ever
A blind date has its pros and cons. The first and only rule of a blind date is that you cannot see your date before the eventful day. However, you may have spoken over the phone, chatted online or been pen friends before. If it is supposed to be your first real date, so you will obviously be under the threat of some date disasters. Some bad dates are scary especially when you end up with a psychopath or a pervert. But the date disasters mentioned here are simply hilarious.

Funniest Blind Date Disasters Ever:

1. Your date is of your Grandma's age! You are usually forbidden to ask a woman's age in polite conversations. Having had only polite conversations before your date, you may have no idea how old your date is. Brace yourself for the shock in case it comes!

2. Your date is your high school teacher. Most guys have a crush on their high school teachers. But, ending up on a blind date with your hot teacher is an embarrassing experience. When your wildest fantasy comes true, you'll probably hope you had never imagined this.

3. Your date is your wife of ten years. Anything is possible with internet romances. You might have a truck load of communication problems with your wife. But she can turn out to be that faceless person you connected with on an unknown chatting site.

4. Your date is a teenager. Kids these days are mature beyond their years. You were probably a worldly wise grey haired gentleman on the table across you. Imagine the disaster if your date turns out to be a 15 year old boy with smooth cheeks! You better end the bad date soon unless you want to be labeled a pedophile.

5. Your date is actually your boss. You probably fought with your boss to take a half day and go for a blind date lunch. So it is a bit of an irony if your date turns out to be your boss himself/herself! May be you can discuss your appraisal over the date which is a bad idea anyway.

Internet romances spring all sorts of surprises for you. So be prepared for these funny disasters. Have you had any other funny experiences on blind dates.

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