Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Women Should Not Propose?

Why Women Should Not Propose
When the girl gets down on one knee, what happens?

Gone are the days where a girl sat in her room, complaining to her girl friends about how long her man was taking to propose to her. She no longer needs to wait for the guy to take the first step. This speaks a lot about female independence as women are bold enough to propose a man. Let us look at some shocking revelations of this action.

Most men, both abroad and in India found the idea a bit too forward. Some of them even went ahead and commented that “If a woman does that, she would be stealing my one chance of proposing, and I don't even think she will do it in the right way.”

Why are man to woman proposals more popular than woman to man?
  • There has been a prejudice or simply, a practice since ages where men control everthing. Usually men like taking charge of things, and deciding on important matters of life. A smart woman therefore, will allow him as well as expect him to propose her.
  • Most men also hate to be taken by surprise. If he has not proposed to you, it simply means he is not ready. When a woman proposes, and the man isn't ready, then both are plunged into an embarrassing situation. Even though both love each other but you should be mentally prepared for the relationship.
  • By taking the reign of control and proposing your man, you are giving an unintentional sign that you will be the lead. Mainly, establishing who is going to be the decision maker in the future – Something that doesn't appeal to the male ego.
  • Men hate it as they tend to view it as a sign of desperation. There are few men who might think that a woman is too desperate to get him! In short, if a woman proposes, she is boosting the ego of her man and making him feel more important.
  • This does not mean that all woman to man proposals will fail. Some men might feel good about it as they also expect to be felt important! Few men prefer "A woman on top” - One that takes control of things.

Have you proposed the man you like? How was your experience? Share with us.

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