Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Annoying Yet Typical Women Behaviour

5 Annoying Yet Typical Women Behaviour
Certain kinds of human behaviour describes the personality of an individual. Both men and women are different in their respective fields. Women might be gorgeous to look at but there are few characteristics of this gender that annoys men. For example, women do things men hate, say things which only they (women) can understand, take things told to them in a wrong way etc. There are some typical female behaviour patterns that men cannot tolerate. What are these?

Why women go to the washroom together?: This is one of the most common questions of men, every time they see a group of women taking a trip to the toilet together. A man often asks himself, “What do these girls do in a toilet?” Do not think dirty. Thoughts vary but, there is no answer to this annoying behaviour of the female species.

FB detection: Well, there is an answer to this question. Women doubt a lot and end up stalking their men on facebook. They either create a fake account to flirt or check the loyalty of their partner. In worst cases, they steal and save the password of their partners to stalk them.

Women cannot stop gossiping?: As a talkative gender, this is another annoying but a typical behaviour of women. Men hate when women keep gossiping on irrelevant topics. Men do not understand why celeb link ups or break ups, relationship or fight among friends etc. are so important? In short, men often wonder why others lives are of so concern to women! Simple or reserved men hate such type of female behaviour to a great extent.

Change colour with company: According to men's observation, women are fake. This typical behaviour of women can annoy any man! While socialising, the woman will be friendly with everyone. But behind the back of their so called 'friends', she will make fun of their dress, language, hairstyle, etc. The only question is, “Why women need to be fake?” If you do not like a person, do not mingle! Men hate such type of female behaviour.

Are these the only annoying behavioural traits of women? As a man, if you hate any other type of female behaviour, share with us!

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