Monday, June 18, 2012

Say These Lines To A Friend After Break Up!

Say These Lines To A Friend After Break Up!
After a break up, you need support from people who are around you especially your close friends. As a friend even you wish to support your friend when he/she is going through this rough time. It is simply because a break up is difficult to deal with. A broken heart might think of taking some serious steps, so as a friend you have to make your buddy get over this difficult phase.

How can you create an impact on your friend who is not ready to forget the past? Following are few lines that you can use to make your friend get over a break up.

Effective lines that can help your friend to move on!

He/she was not the perfect one: This is one common line used by majority of friends to console their friend with a broken heart. It compels your friend to think that the partner was not the right choice. Sometimes, you can even use negative traits for your friend's ex to distract his/her mind.

God always does everything for good: When nothing works, try this line. God is above all and in such situations, you have to use the Almighty to make your friend get over a break up. This will surely motivate your friend and will make him/her feel that whatever happened was the will of the God and in the best interests of an individual.

You deserve a better one: It is one of the tricks to help a friend search for someone new. By saying this you not only encourage your friend but also show them the positivity in a future relationship. In short, a tactic to bring the lost and sad friend back to life! Take your friend out and just chill to lighten his/her mood. When someone attractive crosses by, just make sure your friend's eyes are on them. In some cases, you can mention some mutual friend's name who is nice or a better option for your friend.

Life has to move on: Break up is not the end of life. You have to remind your friend that there are many people who want to be their friend. For example, you can use parents as a positive point to show that a failure in love life doesn't mean it is the end of life. Simply explain to your friend that there are many other relationships in which he/she plays a vital role.

Flirt but don't love: Spread the message that flirting is better than falling in love. You have the perfect time and situation to prove your belief in flirting! Take the advantage of the situation and use this line. It will make your friend move on after a break up. Flirting is a key to stitch a broken heart! You can have fun but with no strings attached.

Which lines will you use if your close friend faces a break up?

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