Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love From a Man's View!

Love From a Man's View

Love and romance for a man is not natural behavior so in order for a man to desire the company of a woman he will have to no doubt take lessons. Love to a man means a loss of his freedoms and the activities he does as a man. If however the man is ready to give up some part of that life for you, he will begin to try to find love. Romance is a part of the courtship ritual the man would much rather skip. Unless the man has a sensitive side, you will have to be attractive to a man before he will try any form of romance. Something about you has drawn his attention and he wants you and your company.

A man who is inexperienced in love and romance will try to find out all he can about the subjects in any way he can. This might mean he will talk to his married friends to find out how they accomplished the task of the love and romance to win their wives. This could be a good thing, the friends had to begin somewhere to acquire a relationship with their girlfriends or wives on the other hand; you could end up at his home one night with a six-pack of beer and the both of you watching a ball game for a first date. This is acceptable if you are into that kind of thing but if you are not this may not work.

If your man, is having difficulties in the love and romance department then ask him for his mailing address. Yes his address then sit down and write out a series of things you would like to have him to do for you make different suggestion and then mail them to him. He gets to pick out the activity and add the details so this way you are surprised and he is not grasping at shadows in the dark for way to be with you. If he asked you why you want his address tell him you want to send him something fun. This will bring some life to the relationship. New and exciting is a good way to begin a relationship this keeps the surprise and adventure in the activities you both will share together.

Romance does not have to be candlelight and dinner, or just dinner and a movie. As stated before romance is not a natural thing to a man so his ideal of a romantic time could very well be a camping trip out under the stars. He knows women like the stars and the moonlight and he like roughing it so he combines the two. Be patient with him and know that he really is trying to include you in his life. His method is not the traditional way of romance but it is his way and if you want to be involved with this man. Especially in a long- term relationship, this is something you must accept.

A man does not easily express love because his whole life he is conditioned to be tough and not show weakness. Moreover, for him to show love or affection would be a sign of weakness. Alternatively, so he is made to believe this is why it is difficult for him to simply say I love you. You will have to recondition this way of thinking and simply tell him it is ok to tell the one you love I love you and it is ok for you to tell the one you love how you truly feel. It still may take some time for him to realize his feelings are safe with you. The man you want to be with and spend your life with deals with love and romance from a mans point of view not yours.

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