Saturday, June 9, 2012

High School Dating Made Easy!

High School Dating Made Easy!

High School is considered as the most exciting and romantic period in students life.. The long drives, parties, sleepovers, secret crushes and conversations that continue into the early hours of the morning is usually what makes high school dating all the more exhilarating. Whether it is the carefree attitude, the hormones at work or just plain teenage rebellion, it is indeed a roller coaster ride when it comes to dating in high school, leaving most kids confused and quite often - Heartbroken.

There have been a lot of couples that begun dating in high school and have wound up married, but not all such teenage love stories end so pleasantly. A host of bad breakups often prompt teenagers to grow into bitter, distrusting and unpleasant adults. In certain cases, they grow to be all the more brash in their relationships, with a sort of vengeful attitude towards the opposite gender.

To ensure you have a smooth sailing, enjoyable experience while dating in high school, lets look at some relationship tips!

High School Dating Tips:

1. Retain your personality- Most teens, after getting into a relationship will automatically want to change their personalities to please their partners. Either voluntarily, or sometimes because they are cajoled into doing it, they change as individuals. Remember, your partner fell in love with you because of who you really are. Why change yourself?

2. Don't ignore friends and family- Teenage love can be very exciting, and people tend to side line family and friends and concentrate entirely on their girlfriends/boyfriends. You would hate to loose a friend only because they are so involved in dating. Always make it a point to take out time for your friends and family.

3. Avoid dishonesty- Most teens begin lying for various reasons once they begin dating. They lie to friends about who they are with, they lie to their girlfriends/boyfriends about their whereabouts and the most classic example is lying to their parents. As far as possible, try to maintain an open honest relationship with the people in your life and you will notice you have much lesser issues to deal with.

4. Do not neglect your career- Always bear in mind, love wont make you any money! It will not land you a job. Studying must never be interrupted, nor your important match, and not that summer job you had in mind. If your girl/guy really loves you, she/he would want that too!

5. Physical Relationship- It is that age, where most teens start discovering the physical side to relationships, sometimes as early as ten or eleven. While it is advised to wait until you are 18, high school students are now increasingly physical in their relationships. Be sure to take the choice solely by yourself, and be prepared to deal with the consequences later on. Educate yourself on precautions and preventions. Teenage love can be all encompassing but, it should not be irresponsible.

Its easy to get caught up in dating issues as teenagers, but remember you have the rest of your life ahead of you. One bad break up will not stop you from living, laughing and finding love in future. Get into relationships with care and you will appreciate high school as the best time of your life.

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