Sunday, April 1, 2012

How To Negotiate In Relationships?

How To Negotiate In Relationships

Negotiation is part of every day life. To negotiate means to arrive at an understanding with another person, so that both are happy and contented with the results. If you believe that negotiation is only part of professional life, you need to take a look at your personal relationship. Do you not negotiate with your partner about where to spend holidays, which house to buy, and every such thing? Learn more about negotiation to make your relationships stronger.

In professional life you negotiate with your co-workers about how to divide the work. You negotiate with your clients about prices and you negotiate with your boss about your paycheck. In personal life, negotiation skills are rather more important.

Needs of your partner-

A good negotiator would begin with understanding the need of the opposite party. Sometimes we believe that we know what our partner desires. But that is not true. Unless you probe you will not know what are the latent desires that your partner wants to fulfill. For example, your partner may be thinking of going on holidays not only to relax but also to be more with you. If you choose to go on holidays with other friends that will not make your partner happy. You need to go alone with your partner to satisfy the desires of being with you. Therefore understand the need first.

Spell out your needs-

Let your partner know very clearly about what you are looking for in any given situation. I have seen a relationship breaking because the man never told the woman that he would want to have a child. The woman wanted to be childfree. This ultimately broke the relationship. Had the man spelled out his needs clearly this would not have happened. Therefore do convey your needs clearly.

Reach Understanding -

If both of you modulate your needs so that there is a common ground there are no reasons of friction. If both of you want a result without hurting the relationship, flexible approach is a primary requirement. Otherwise, one of you will walk away. Your skill as a negotiator depends upon satisfying you and your partner.

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