Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do Men Love Strong Females?

Strong Woman - Do Men Love Strong Females

Do men like strong female partners? Or are they looking for, and will be happy with a woman who will easily give up? What do men love in a woman? Are men looking for strength or weakness in their woman? This question must have troubled many women and men alike. Let us try and find out the answer to this.

The choice of a man about his woman will be surely for a strong woman. No man wants a weak woman who easily gives up. No man loves a woman who is always looking helpless and asking for help. Men want their women to be strong, who can act smartly. But they don’t want their woman to show this strength to them. As far as they are concerned, men want to be told that they are the bosses and that it is because of their ability that everything is moving properly. Every man wants to be praised by his woman and wants the acknowledgment that he is the leader.

Does it not sound like a paradox? No, it is simple to understand. When a man feels that he commands a woman who is smart and intelligent, he feels good. It is an age old instinct we have inherited from our ancestors. The choice is open for a strong woman. Should she make the deficiencies of her man clear to him or act as if he is the boss. Many women hate to act otherwise and are very frank about their views, whereas others want to have a relationship going on and understand this need of their men and satisfy it.

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