Sunday, April 1, 2012

Learn How To Tell Stories While Dating

Learn How To Tell Stories While Dating

Who does not like stories? I am not talking only about children, but also for adults. Whether you are watching television or reading a book, anything in form of story holds the attention. We all love to hear stories. The art of story telling has to be learnt. Not everyone can tell a story in an interesting way. How is dating and story telling connected? Let me tell you.

During dates, especially during the first date with a person, it sometimes becomes difficult to converse. We cannot think of any good topic that can be discussed. We are advised that we should avoid talking about religion and politics. We are told that we should not ask many intimate questions. We are told that we should avoid talking about our finances and our past relationships. We are told to avoid so many tings by different experts that some of us do not understand what they should talk about with their date.

The answer is - tell stories. Look back at your life and think of instances that were funny and exciting. They brought you much fun and excitement, isn’t it? Talk of those instances in form of stories. Think of instances- anything that happened in your office or your neighborhood, something that happened when you were holidaying. Any incident that was funny and exciting can be turned into a story. A story always holds the attention. Even now when you are an adult, a good story will hold your attention. Stories have an attraction for the human mind. Use stories during your date.

Once you develop the art of story telling, you will not find it difficult at all to hold attention of your date at all times. You will not feel embarrassed with the silence. Read newspapers and find out how they tell stories. Study the method of beginning of the story, the building up of the story and the ending. Read few stories as a student. You will learn many ideas about how to tell a story in a gripping manner during a date.

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