Sunday, April 1, 2012

Does Your Wife Make You Feel Guilty?

Does Your Wife Make You Feel Guilty

Men face this problem of guilt. Why men suffer more from guilt compared to women is a mystery. But it is a truth that men feel guilty about their marriage if anything goes wrong. The problem may not be real at all. But wives can start the blame game and make a man feel like a rat. Let us see how.

She gave up her career. She gave up her friends. She is all the time at home caring for you and your children. She has no personal life left. You still get to enjoy life by going outside and meeting friends once in a while. What about her? She has done so much for the home, but is getting no credit for it. She does not feel appreciated. She is given no credit for her efforts. She has to always ask you for money. She feels cheated in the marriage. There is no charm left. You are no more interested in her. She is only an employee who is taking care of home and that also without any pay. That was not the promise you made while marrying. She has no time for herself. It is home, children or something else. What about her? She was so good in so many things in her school and college. All is lost. And so it goes on. Some of this may be true but few of them are the facts of marriage, which the man also faces. But he is made to feel guilty by his wife, as if he is responsible for all that is going wrong.

Next time you get blamed, don’t go on your guilt trip. Think about the truth and correct if required. Otherwise tell her that you are also sailing in the same boat and not to be blamed and made to feel guilty.

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