Sunday, April 1, 2012

Even Women Can Hurt !!

Even Women Can Hurt

Women are considered to be the weaker sex. It is a common belief that men are more vicious then women. Whenever we hear of abuse, our thoughts automatically go to a man abusing a woman. We never think of the possibility that a woman may be hurting a man. But that can also happen and it is not that uncommon.

If you are selecting a partner for yourself, be careful. Don’t go only for sweet talk. Look into the eyes of your female partner. If you get even a hint of real anger at any time, think about making the relationship again. Women go beyond reason when they are out to avenge the real or imaginary mistakes made by their male partner. Sometimes, they also go beyond reason. All women are not like that. But the common belief that all woman have a soft heart may not be true.

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