Sunday, April 1, 2012

She Is Not The Woman I Loved

She Is Not The Woman I Loved
She is not the woman I loved. The woman I loved was a very compassionate and caring person. She was a selfless person. She loved me. She gave me peace and comfort. She was ready to die for me. She used to go to any extent to make me happy. She was my dream. I used to feel very lucky having her. Now she has changed. She has become a new person. What should I do?

If you are thinking like this, you may not be alone. Many men come cross this change and are perplexed. They think if something is wrong with their thinking or she has really changed. The change so confuses them that they get confused and cannot make any sense of the situation.

How to solve this puzzle? First of all keep your emotions aside and think about the change. If you find that the change is real, you will have to discuss it with your wife.

Many a times, we act differently before our marriage. We show our best side. After the marriage we are no longer worried about getting the prize catch. That is already ours. Therefore, our true side gets revealed after the marriage. If that is happening with your wife, talk with her and tell her what is in your mind. This discussion will bring an end to many of your problems.

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