Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Silence Can Hurt Relationships

Silence Can Hurt Relationships

Every relationship thrives on communication. The vibrancy of communication makes a relationship lively and strong. We like somebody because we enjoy talking to him/her. Without communication, the relationship will wither.

Sometimes, women go into silence. They are hurt by something their mate did or said. Or they are thinking about some aspect of the relationship. They go into silence and want to find the answers. They feel that they are doing the right thing by going into silence. But the man does not take it that way. He gets confused, hurt and angry. He tries thinking of reasons of his woman going into silence. That frustrates him. He begins hating his mate for troubling him with her silence.

Silence can be good for a woman, but not for a relationship. If you want your relationship to thrive, you can as well think about it loudly. Request your man to not interrupt you while you are speaking and tell everything that is troubling you. That is a much better way of getting the load off your mind and also not hurting the relationship. Silence hurts.

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