Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do You Talk About Past Relationships While Dating?

two lovers holding each other on sunset - Do You Talk About Past Relationships While Dating

There is a story of a king. This king wanted another more powerful king to defeat his enemy. The powerful king defeated his enemy. The king went to him to claim the kingdom. The powerful king responded that he was a deceptive character. How could he be believed and given the kingdom? This happens to many of us who are dating. We speak about our old dates and relationships. We hope that that will help us in cementing better relationship with our new date. What happens? Let us examine.
The first effect of talking about any old relationship that went sour is to spoil the newly developing romantic atmosphere. In romance we want to hear love poetries, have candle light dinners and watch the moon. We do not wish to discuss what went wrong and bring the memories back. That is no help in creating romance. Some people think that they can get some sympathy from their new date if they talk about how their old partner ditched them. What is the reaction of the new partner? First he/she begins thinking about the old relationships their new partner had. Then they start getting suspicious that the fault could also have been of their new partner Very few people believe a one sided story. The third reaction is, if something goes wrong with me, this person will talk about me with his or her future partner.
Do you note the destructive effect of talking about old relationships? Do you think that you should talk about them? You should stop doing that as soon as possible. Talk about old relationships only if your new date wants to know about them. But never give graphic or too many details. Give small details without going into the reasons of breaking up. This will help your new relationship rather than harming it.

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