Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Women Search In Men?

Honestly speaking, no body can give an answer to this quiz. Every woman has different personality, goals, desires and mood. Some generalizations can be made that can help men know what women want.

Quiz your romantic style - I think that the priority for any relationship with a woman in the beginning is romance. Without becoming romantic, you cannot win a pretty and intelligent woman. You need not be a great poet of love poems, but surely you can write small love notes and send them with flowers once in a while. Show her that you love her. Say I love you in different ways. Send chocolates, small pieces of gift and things that look cute. Let her feel in love with those cute gifts you give. She will love you more.

Quiz your attitude - what is your attitude towards your woman/ Are you treating her as a person without brains? Then better revise your fundamentals. Do you treat her as an equal? Then it is all right. Are you together when you meet your friends? If not, please go together to meet your friends. Treat her as a friend and as a romantic partner and a lady. That is the combination that will win her over.

Quiz your relationship- how is your relationship? Are you nurturing it with proper communication, care and love? Do you show your care for your woman? Does she have to ask you or you act on your own guessing her requirements? Have you told her how precious she is for you? Do you understand what she is talking? Please remember that women talk little differently than men. Do you understand that difference? Generally when a woman speaks, she is doing self-talk loudly. Please understand that.

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