Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Tips for Guys For First Date

Romantic-date - 10 Tips for Guys For First Date

The first date is usually a time when both the guy and the girl are nervous. Though it may be something that you are looking forward to, it may also seem as a little scary. However, certain small things can ensure that the first date is a pleasant experience and you have a possibility of seeing each other in future dates.

1. The purpose of the first date is to ensure that the two of you get to know each other better, and this is not going to be possible if you both are not able to interact. The location of the date should be such that it allows a conversation to take place.

2. According to many women a man who is caring enough to tend to a woman’s needs is a man who would take care and be there for her all through her life. Thus, pay attention to small details like whether she is comfortable during the date or how would she be going home, etc.

3. Be as romantic as you can. Women are die-hard romantics and love a man who is their version of prince charming right out of a Victorian romance.

4. A man’s confidence is the biggest turn-on for a woman. You must try and be confident so that she is at ease around you.

5. A woman would expect her man to take initiative and take effort to ensure that the date goes about smoothly. Though the woman may be participating enough, you are the one expected to take charge.

6. Pay attention to what she says. Men who make good listeners are a women magnet. Prompt her to tell more about herself by asking her questions. This way you get to know her better and judge whether the two of you are compatible or not.

7. Though this common for both men and women, men tend to forget this very easily. The most common turn-on for both the sexes is the sense of smell. If you use the perfume that a girl likes, you have literally won her over to your side. Maintain basic hygiene and make sure that you smell nice and not of body odor.

8. Women love getting attention from the man they are out with as they like to feel that they are being 
appreciated by him. Look at her and nowhere else during the date and when she is speaking to you, look deep in her eyes. The way you look would definitely make her melt.

9. Always make it a point to pay for your first date. However, if she insists, make a request to be allowed to pay. If she still insists, let her pay her share.

10. Women always pay great attention to your behavior and looks. It would be a good idea to make sure that you are at your very best right up to the scratch.

Though the thought of first date can be tough, getting a hold on your nerves and bracing yourself for the evening ahead would do wonders. Though everyone is nervous on the first date, it is up to you to get a grip on yourself and have a good time during the date. If it works out, you might have a beautiful relationship ahead but even if it does not, you should be polite enough to stay till the very end.

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