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10 Ways To Find Out If Your Girl Is Cheating

Ways To Find Out If Your Girl Is Cheating

Being cheated in a relationship is one of the most painful experiences in a person’s life. However, the situation that troubles a man more is, when he is unsure whether his better half is faithful or not. There is always a fear of being cheated and on the other side, a feeling of guilt for being suspicious about the one they love. For a man who is unable to come to a conclusion, here is a list of ways to find out if the woman in your life is cheating you or not.

1. She avoids your company:
When a girl loves someone, she would try her best to spend as much time as she can with him. This by far, is the biggest sign as you would observe a drastic cut-down in the number of calls and text messages you receive from her. She would also not want to spend as much time as she used spend with you. She would start to give the certain special things that the two of you did together a miss. You would either get excuses like she’s way too busy with work or she’s not feeling like it.

2. She moves away from your family:
Another sign that a girl is cheating on you is that she would slowly and eventually start drifting away from your family. The strong bond that she shared with your family members would now seem tense and she would avoid their company altogether or seem to be uncomfortable in their presence.

3. She becomes overly explanative:
A sign that you would notice and find strange is that she would be overly explanative if you asked a question. She would also give explanations to you without you even questioning her. The reason behind this is that she is extremely scared that she will be caught and feels that giving explanations would keep you satisfied and keep problems at bay.

4. She will be uncomfortable with physical contact:
Once your girl starts cheating on you, you would notice a considerable slack in physical intimacy among the two of you. Making love will take a backseat with her getting uncomfortable even when you approach her or make the first move. She would refrain from even the casual touching or the playful punches during conversations.

5. She will have a flaring temper:
At the point when someone else enters her life, she will have a tendency to lose her temper for no reason at all. She will almost find faults in you and criticize you. When conditions go to the extreme, she may even resort to compare you with a ‘mysterious’ friend and would say so with a hint of admiration.

6. She speaks lesser than before:
She was a chatterbox of a person who could never have run out of topics to speak. However, there seems to be something wrong as she has nothing to talk about or even share these days. Mealtimes are a quiet affair and she seems lost in deep thoughts. Sounds familiar? Your partner just might be cheating on you. You will also notice her hesitating and weighing every word before speaking unlike the freedom that was there in the conversations before.

7. She speaks at lengths about a particular guy:
Is there a particular guy who she speaks at lengths about? There may be a possibility of her changing her preferences. When a girl falls in love with someone, she tends to speak about the man in great detail. If you find a particular name coming up rather frequently from her end in your conversations, it is time for the alarm bells to start ringing.

8. She wants to look better:
When a girl has a sudden desire to look better, she may be seeing someone new. It is a known fact that the first thing that impresses a guy about any girl is her looks. If you find that she suddenly undergoes a complete makeover and tries to look her best, she is changing herself to the likes and dislikes of someone else, who holds more importance than you in her life.

9. She tries to be at her best:
Guilt will constantly bother her. She knows that she is doing something wrong and your thoughts will be always at the back of her head. Thus, to make it up to you, she may resort to different techniques like struggling to have the house in the best condition, getting expensive gifts for you, complimenting you all the time and so on.

10. She becomes secretive:
You will always find a barrier between the two of you when she is cheating on you. There may be instances when she tells you something and you find that a lie. She will not directly answer your questions but instead throw them back at you to answer. In the course of time you will see a thread of lies in what she says.

It is always a good idea to have hard facts in your hand before you confront your girl. There may be also a possibility that your partner is faithful and verifying facts before confirming your doubts is very essential.

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