Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Mistakes Women Make With Men

relationship_problems -  Mistakes Women Make With Men

It is rightly said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yet, they share a strong magnetic attraction for each other. As for men, you can’t live with them or without them. Annoying as they may be, nobody can deny the kind of excitement they bring into a woman’s life. You may bump into a prospective guy at a club and numbers are exchanged. A few dates later (which you thought were perfect) he dumps you! Wondering why? Here is a list of 10 mistakes women commonly make with men.

1. Being Too Available

It is important to be there for him; however, being available all the time is a strict no-no. Chances are that he will take you for granted in the long run. You may also come across as a desperate woman trying really hard for him. Men tend to get attracted to girls who are a little challenging to get. Show him that you also have a lot in life besides him.

2. Being Impractical

Many women live in a fairyland, where they assume their man to be their Prince Charming. He’s not going to be the most perfect man in the world and most importantly, he’s not going to be flawless. Everyone has some negative aspects in them, so you need to accept him along with his shortcomings.

3. Being Too Honest Too Soon

Never be too honest very soon. Don’t go about sharing intimate details on the first date itself. You may just bore your date. Getting to know each other should be step by step. It takes time. Besides, men also tend to find women who are not very open about themselves in the initial stages very interesting and with an aura of mystery about them.

4. Being Too Gullible

Trust is important. However, don’t ever trust anyone blindly in the ‘getting-to-know’ stage. It does not mean that you go about showing them you are suspicious. It’s just that you shouldn’t simply believe every word they say. Men tend to flatter women to appear charming. They may also put up a false front to appear more appealing. It is necessary to keep your eyes and ears open in order to catch the fake from the real ones. Girls have a very strong sixth sense. Let that little wiggle in you guide your way.

5. Being A Control Freak

Don’t be so obsessed of taking charge all the time. Be it planning for a date or making reservations, sometimes it is fine to sit back and let the man do the work. It helps to boost their male ego and makes them feel powerful by taking care of you. But if you go about being a control freak and taking total charge of their lives, it may just scare them away.

6. Pretending To Be Someone Else

Never ever pretend. Men hate women who are fake and are afraid to be themselves. Being comfortable in your own skin by itself is a turn on. Always be proud about the person you are and never feel ashamed about yourself. Just be yourself and you will just do fine. At the end of the day even if the relationship doesn’t work, why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t accept you the way you are? In such a case, even if the relationship works, it would take a toll on you pretending to live up to his expectations all the time. It is the best option to let him have a glimpse of the true you at the very beginning.

7. Expecting The Man To Make The First Move

Whoever laid down the rule that the man has to make the first move? Research reveals that men find women who make the first move very appealing. It shows their high level confidence and independence which are two big turn-on’s among women.

8. Being Too Feminine

Men hate women who get angry for small things, always fuss over their weight, makeup and other such sissy topics. They prefer someone they can identify with and feel comfortable around. Overreacting for everything around you, talking non-stop and most of all whining about absolutely everything will make him feel that he is stuck a total bimbo. If he is among the 99% of men who are looking out for brains over beauty, you are sure to be dumped!

9. Overdressing

When you are going out on a date make it a point to never ever over dress. It is true that men are attracted to women to dress up well; however, they cannot stand a woman with a loud dressing sense. Don’t dress up so much also that you end up looking like a Christmas tree. He may just feel embarrassed to even walk with you. Also keeping your makeup minimalistic is something that you should keep in my. Remember that good clothes and makeup just enhance your beauty and not substitute it. Going over the top would give the message that you are not confident of yourself.

10. Getting Intimate too soon

Intimacy requires to be carried out on a very slow pace. Getting physically intimate too fast may result in the man in getting wrong ideas about you. It is also possible that, you may come across as ‘too available’. Men like women who are hard to get. So take your time and get to know each other before taking a step further.

If you follow all these rules and still don’t manage to get the guy, it’s his loss! Be ready to move on and get that Prince Charming for yourself.

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