Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Know If A Guy Is Interested In You?

How-To-Know-if-a-Guy-Likes-You - interested in you

How to know whether a guy wants a relationship with you? This is one question that haunts almost every girl world over at least once in her life span. You had a wonderful time on a date but interpreting the signals can be very difficult at times. Every individual is different and judging each person by a standard method is almost impossible. However, guys being guys, there are some little tips and tricks that can help a damsel in distress judge whether her guy would be interested or would it be better to bid adieu to the relationship dreams.

The very first sign of whether the guy is interested in you is how much interest he shows after your date. If a guy does not call you after the first date, it is extremely evident that he does not want to see you again. This is applicable if he calls up after the date but makes excuses to avoid further meetings. On the other hand, a guy who genuinely likes you would want to see you again as soon as possible and would take the initiative of planning a second date. He would call you time and again and insist that you see each other on every possible opportunity. There is also a possibility that a guy cannot understand his feelings for you. In such a case, giving him time is the best possible solution. A relationship is one aspect of life in which rushing things often leads to twisted endings.

When a guy likes a girl, he makes it evident in some of his actions and gestures. Respect is the keyword here. If your guy treats you with respect and dignity, you can be sure he has a little something for you. He would make you his top priority if he is genuinely interested. This would mean accommodating you in his busy schedules, calling back at the right time promised and trying his best to show that you are important to him, trying to pep you up if you are depressed. For instance, if for some reason he is busy and does not take your call, he would call you the first thing when he gets free. When a guy is in love, his world would revolve around the girl.

A guy who is interested would take the effort of making you feel special. He would hang on to every word you say and try to incorporate bits of the conversation on to his life just to please you. Guys simply love pampering the girl who they feel is the one they would be in a relationship with. It could be through some special action like cooking you a meal or taking you out to a place you love or simply watching your favorite movie. It could also be through a little gift that would make you feel special. The gift is usually a little something, not too flashy or expensive. Usually, a guy has a fixed definition of pampering which is entirely different from spoiling. He would go out of the way to make you feel special but not to the point of making you feel that he’s buying his way in the relationship

Every guy in love would try to get his lady involved in his life and especially with the people and things that are important to him. He would want to open the doors of his world to you and would want you to be a part of his life if he wants to be in a relationship with you. So, he would introduce you to his parents, his friends, his social circle and colleagues. A guy would do this so that you understand him better as a person and he can share his feelings with you exclusive of any restriction. Another reason for this is so that you develop a feeling of mutual trust amongst yourselves and understand each other better. If a guy genuinely likes you, he would be nervous in front of his family and friends while introducing you and there would be a hint of teasing and smugness among them.

And last but not the least, a factor that may show you whether your guy’s interested or not is when there is a natural course among both of you. It is when neither of you try to mold yourselves to please the other and you accept the other person with their faults. A relationship grows and develops only once both the individuals are honest and truthful about themselves and there is absolutely no pretense or lies about them.

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