Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Mistakes Women Make In a Relationship

Mistakes Women Make In a Relationship

It is important to understand that men are different from women and their individuality is precious. Though women do have a tendency to think that they are perfect, unknowing they tend to make some mistakes that might result in breaking the relationship. Here are ten mistakes that most women make in relationships with the most common ones and being made in different ways by different individuals.

1. Being Over Possessive

Jealousy, absence of trust, controlling behavior, spying on your partner, asking him way too many questions, checking his phone and emails are all symptoms of over possessiveness. You must learn to trust your partner. Jealousy is like silent poison which kills a relationship slowly and gradually. Though, many a times your partner will choose to stay quiet for your happiness, it would eventually cause him a sense of exasperation. It doesn’t mean you have to blindly believe every word he says, but some amount of trust is very important.

2. Trying To Change The Man

Just remember, you love him for the person he is, then why change him? It is very important to accept your man, just the way he is. He will feel more loved and comfortable around you. Don’t ever make him feel that he’s not right the way he is for if he was not, you would not have been with him in the first place. You must always bear in mind that individuality is the true essence of a relationship..

3. Taking Him For Granted

It really doesn’t matter if the two of you have been dating for 4 months or 4 years, never ever take him for granted. Always keep doing things that will keep the spark in your relationship alive. Gestures like preparing his favorite dish once in a while, trying something new on bed, getting him gifts, surprising him, reminding him how much he means to you will work wonders in your relationship.

4. Taking Things To Fast

Every relationship is a process of gradual understanding of one another and uncovering the possibilities in the relationship one step at a time. It is very important to take things slowly. Whatever happens, do not ever show up at his house unless he invites you. It may just send him wrong signals or plainly scare your man. It would be a better approach to let him take his time.

5. Talking Way Too Much

Men generally prefer actions to words. It is true that some amount of communication is vital for a relationship but telling him the latest gossip every now and then will make him feel like going and buying a pair of earplugs for when you’re talking. In a relationship, it is important to be a good listener as well. Communication in a relationship must be from both the ends and must be balanced between both people.

6. Control Freaks

Controlling behavior refers to criticizing him in everything he does, monitoring his food, wanting to know every minute detail of his life and taking charge all the time. Men hate to be controlled all the time. If he wants to be disciplined, he would go to his mother. Never try to control your man’s life. It would be a big mistake as men hate their girls turn into a mother hen.

7. Being Too Clingy

Space is vital in any relationship. It is important to keep some amount of distance from your partner, especially to give him a chance to miss you. Some amount of distance will only bring the two of you closer. Being too clingy is negative and will suffocate you partner and slowly kill your relationship.

8. Being Constantly Busy Over The Phone While You’re With Him

If you are that obsessed for your phone, why have a boyfriend? While you are with him, it is important that you keep your phone away as far as possible. When on a date, try to give one hundred percent of your attention only to him and not the rest of the world. However, if it is an urgent call you may attend it but see to it that you keep it minimal. Don’t talk for more than two or three minutes.

9. Getting Angry For Small Things

Men like to joke and tease the one they are attracted to. It is their way of flirting with them. So the next time your guy attempts to fool around with you, instead of getting angry and spoiling the moment, play along and have some fun for yourself!

10. Dependent For Every Small Thing

Men like women who are independent. They tend to respect them. Studies reveal that, most men find independent women really sexy. After all you don’t want to come across as a stereotype and ancient woman, who constantly needs a man to satisfy her requirements right?

Not everyone gets a chance to meet Mr. Right. If you think you have found him, don’t let a stupid mistake ruin a good and prospective relationship. If you feel that you might have committed any of these mistakes, it is always better to apologize and change yourself.

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