Sunday, October 2, 2016

9 Little Things Every Father Must Give His Child

9 Little Things Every Father Must Give His Child,girl left up carry through in the air

Whether it is a girl or a boy, every father should consider certain things as important aspects of his duty towards his child. Here are 9 little things that every father must give his child.
1. A bicycle
Every child needs to buy his child his first bicycle, help him or her wear the helmet and ride the bicycle with his guidance. Monitor his skills in learning to ride till the child has perfected it. It’s something that fathers can do best.
2. A piggy bank
A father should gift his child a small piggy bank and impart the valuable lesson of saving from pocket money. This gift will teach the child the value of hard earned money.
3. A role model
All things that fathers give need not be merely tangible or materialistic in nature. A father should be a good role model in displaying a healthy marriage and fulfill their rights and duties of a good citizen.
4. Enrollment to a hobby class
Fathers should save enough to help their children identify their potential, tap their interests and fulfill their personal goals and ambitions. This will foster their talent and help them grow into remarkable individuals.
5. Camping and fishing kit
Every father should buy his child a camping and fishing kit so that they can spend quality time on weekend with their children where he can cook with them, play scrabble and have a heart to heart talk.

6. Books based on facts and fiction
Fathers should impart wisdom and knowledge by exposing their children to useful resources such as age appropriate fiction books and fact books to enhance their child’s knowledge.
7. A fund or account
A father must start saving up for his/her college from the time his child comes into existence. It’s important for him to provide a solid and secure foundation to build his or her future.
8. Stories and family traditions
The onus of passing family traditions and values related to festival celebration, the struggles faced by the ancestors and traditions is on every father. A child will learn about his family history only through his or her father.
9. A house
A father should raise his child in appropriate living conditions; some place nice, quiet where basic amenities are easily available. A father must provide his children a safe and secure neighborhood.

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