Friday, September 30, 2016

7 Signs You are Scaring Off a Girl on the First Date !!

7 Signs You are Scaring Off a Girl on the First Date,asian bad realtionship couple broken hearted

When you are out on a first date, it means you have an opportunity to create a beautiful story out of it. The first date means you have been given a chance. However, at times, guys mess up the first date. When the girl starts ignoring them subsequently, they wonder what went wrong. A conscious effort, on the other hand, can help them avoid a potential disaster and pave way for building a relationship. Observing the girl is a good way to start, as there will be signs to identify whether she is comfortable or she isn’t.

1. She looks around restlessly
If the girl isn’t interested in you and is looking around restlessly, it is an important sign to let you know she isn’t comfortable. In most cases, it could just be an indicator that she wishes she were somewhere else. You should be smart enough to make the girl comfortable on her first date by making her talk more about herself than going on with lengthy monologs about your own life and experiences.
2. She starts talking about how busy her schedule is
This is definitely not about how important or busy she is. If she has made time to come out on the date, she can handle her schedule. Her constant rambling about how many things she has to manage are just ground work for leaving early. In other words, you are scaring her off and making her leave early, by doing whatever you are doing on the first date.
3. She constantly checks her phone
This is too obvious a sign for guys to understand. In your first date, all your attention should be directed towards her, and all her attention should be on what you say. If she is fidgeting with her phone, checking the time and constantly replying to messages, it is a sign that she is either bored or turned off.
4. She veils information
If you are on a first date, chances are you would be asking each other about work, office, home and other such details that have a slightly personal note to them. If she isn’t giving away information freely, veiling even bits like where she works or where she lives, it means she isn’t fully confident of your intentions. This should let you know, she isn’t comfortable enough telling you confidential things about her life that a stranger shouldn’t know.

5. She doesn’t commit about subsequent meetings
If you have scared off the girl on the first date, this will definitely happen. Invariably, couples depart after the first date with promises of meeting up again soon. However, if you suggest days and the girl keeps coming up with excuses as to why she wouldn’t be free on that day, it means she isn’t too keen to commit. You can trust a girl to speak her mind if she actually enjoyed the date. In some cases, she might even come forward herself and suggest meeting up again. If that hasn’t happened, it is time to wonder what you have done wrong to scare off the girl.
6. She isn’t listening
It isn’t tough to judge if the other person is genuinely interested in what you say. In your first date, it shouldn’t come to a point where one of you is constantly talking and the other is constantly listening. Also, if she isn’t really involved in the conversation, doesn’t ask you much and mostly nods, it means she isn’t listening. It could only mean she is waiting for the date to end, so she could go home. There are some girls who are shy, but shy girls are different from uninterested girls and you can get a hang of which side she belongs to if you observe her long enough. If the girl isn’t interested in knowing more about you, it means you have turned her off or you have spoken way too much already for her to digest. This doesn’t do your prospects any good, especially on a first date.
7. She isn’t ordering for much
If you are out on a dinner date, a big order invariably means a longer waiting period. But if your girl isn’t ordering much, it could mean she wouldn’t reveal her appetite or she is keen on leaving early. Girls will always show when they are turned off, especially on a first date. If they set a short deadline to leave, especially within a few minutes of arriving, it means you haven’t made them comfortable enough to spend a longer evening with you.

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