Wednesday, October 12, 2016

7 Ways to Keep a New Girl Interested

7 Ways to Keep a New Girl Interested blonde woman look behind search the crowds

Have you got a new girl in your life? Find out what it takes to keep her interested so that you don’t seem like a boring guy. Use these tactics to add excitement and fun to each and every moment you spend with her.

1. Be spontaneous
You must be spontaneous if you want to keep a new girl in your life really interested in you. Don’t make yourself sound boring by planning heaps in advance every time you go on a date. Avoid being pedantic and too meticulous when you make any kind of plans together or else you will remove any possible excitement from the time you spend with the girl.

2. Don’t tell her everything about yourself all at once
You will not be able to keep a new girl in your life interested for more than a couple of dates if you tell her all about yourself on the first date itself. Open up your personality bit by bit and let her know more about yourself as your dating scene progresses. This will allow you to tell her something new about your past life every time you meet her.

3. Don’t keep talking about things that interest you
It is one thing to be able to hold a conversation but it is a different thing to keep talking about something that the other person will find boring. It is good if you put in efforts to maintain interesting conversations with the new girl in your life, but you may be boring her if you keep talking about things that interest you. Find out her interests and passions so that you can start conversations about those topics.

4. Cracks jokes and make her laugh
Any girl will definitely maintain her interest in you if you can manage to say funny things and make her laugh. Girls like a guy who has a good sense of humor and if you can make someone laugh and forget their worries even for a few minutes, they will look forward to being with you all the time.

5. Show her that you have a life
A girl will be interested in your life if she sees that you have many things going on at once. Show her that you actively pursue your studies or your career, you have an interesting hobby, you pursue your passions and you hang out with different people at different places. All these things will make her think that you have an interesting personality.

6. Don’t message or call her constantly
If you have got someone new in life, it does not mean that you should act clingy and constantly send her text messages or emails. You should also control the number of times you call her so that you don’t appear to be obsessed. Don’t be late in replying to her messages or calling back when you get a voicemail from her, but don’t take it to a weird level by trying to contact her multiple times every day.

7. Don’t be too serious
A new girl in your life will remain interested in you only if she sees that being with you is fun. Don’t ruin the moment by being serious all the time. Be light hearted and stop over-analyzing each situation when you are with her. Smile more often and be the person who can help her relax and be at ease by enjoying your company.

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