Sunday, October 2, 2016

6 Ways to Get a Girl to Notice You in a Party

6 Ways to Get a Girl to Notice You in a Party,people happy celebrating birthday anniversary
Behaving in a macho way and standing in a corner will not be enough to get a girl to notice you in a party. She will just feel that you are arrogant or too reserved. You will have to try hard and make a good impression on her. Here are some excellent ways to get her attention in a party.

1. Wear your smartest clothes
Even if it is a casual gathering, make it a point to wear a nicely pressed shirt and a freshly washed pair of jeans. Complete your look with a trendy pair of sneakers. If it is a formal party, make sure that you wear nicely ironed formal shirt and trousers, and a blazer if necessary. Complete your look with nicely polished formal shoes. First impressions are everything when you want a girl to notice you in a party and wearing smart clothes is a must if you want to grab someone’s attention.

2. Make eye contact and smile at her
A girl will never find out if you are trying to get her to notice you if you don’t make any form of eye contact. Find a spot in the room where you are in her line of sight and glance at her a few times. Once you make eye contact, don’t look away. Give her a small smile and you will immediately catch her eye. Judge her reaction and let her know that you acknowledge the eye contact with a friendly nod of your head. She will instantly notice these signs of attraction.

3. Talk to her friends
A great way to get a girl to notice you at a party is to talk to her friends. If you know any of her friends, go up to them and start a conversation. Make sure that the conversation is full of jokes and humor so that you appear like a jovial guy. This is a nice way of getting close to her without approaching her directly. She will instantly notice you when her own friends crowd around and mingle with you.

4. Break into a cool dance move
If you are at a party where everyone is dancing, you can become the center of attraction by breaking into a cool dance move. All you need to do is practice a few steps at home and do them confidently on the dance floor at the party. The trick to pull this off successfully is to stop as soon as your steps get over and not make a fool out of yourself by continuing dancing if you are not too good at it. Just those few steps will catch everyone’s attention and you can bow out gracefully with the excuse to get a drink.

5. Put on a really strong perfume
You will instantly get everyone around you to notice you if you put on a very strong perfume. People will get a bang of fragrance when you walk past and they will immediately start making assumptions about you. Some people might perceive you as a rich guy who likes to splurge on expensive perfumes and some people could perceive you as a guy who just likes to show off. Whichever the case, your strong perfume will instantly make her notice you.

6. Be a fun guy
In every party, there are always a few guys who manage to liven up the atmosphere. The rest of the guys usually sit in a corner or sit at the bar. You can easily get a girl to notice you by dancing merrily; passing drinks, cracking jokes, having friendly chats with other people and doing other things that make you look like a fun loving personality. Women like men who know how to have fun and you will easily get her attention if you become the life of the party.

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