Sunday, October 2, 2016

6 Tips to Avoid Getting Tagged as a Player

6 Tips to Avoid Getting Tagged as a Player,girl boy woman man playin with

Girls do get attracted to the charming personality of a player, but being tagged as a player has many disadvantages. If you get the tag it is very difficult to get rid of it. Try not coming in the lime light and be tagged as a player. Here are 6 ways to avoid getting tagged as a player.
1. Pay attention to your girl
When you are talking to a girl or you are on a date, all your attention should be on her. Your eyes shouldn’t wander elsewhere. If the girl you are with notices you leching at other girl, she will surely think that you are a player.
2. Don’t get noticed
If you’re in a party and you are socializing then do it in a subtle way. If girls notice that you are going around talking and trying your charm on every other girl they will surely think that you are a player and would stay away from you.
3. Don’t spread that you are interested in flings
If you are not interested in committed relationships then tell it in a correct manner. If you spread a word about this, people may start thinking that you are a player who is interested only in flings.

4. Be mindful of nonverbal communication
Some guys are comfortable hugging girls or placing their arms around the shoulder. It may not count as being intimate but the fact that you get so comfortable in being so close to different girls will give women the wrong impression.
5. You are the office charm magnet
You are flirting carelessly with women in your office. It may be playful and harmless flirting but it will give the impression that you are comfortable hitting on women or cannot keep your hands and eyes off them, even in the work sphere.
6. You have too many female contacts in your phone book
You have many phone numbers in your phone book of all the women you have dated in the past and continue to keep healthy relationship with them. It shows that you may enter into double dating even during a serious relationship.

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