Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Tips to Make a Shy Girl Open up to You

6 Tips to Make a Shy Girl Open up to You
Girls can be more introverted than boys. If you like a girl who is shy by nature, how will you break the ice? Well, there are many ways to make a shy girl open up to you.

1. Have a positive approach
Approach her with a positive and confident frame of mind. She will appreciate it if you talk to her in a calm tone. Do not be rude or over the top in your behavior. This might be a turn off for her. If you approach her positively, she will definitely respond.

2. Choose an appropriate place to interact
If you want her to open up, then refrain from posting on her Facebook wall or twitter. She is shy, so she needs her space. Do not talk to her on a social site or in front of many people. Talk to her when she is alone or with a small bunch of people. Choosing the correct place and time will do the trick.

3. Talk about her interests
She will talk to you, if you understand her likes. If you are loud with her, she may not like it. Instead ask her about her interests. For instance, if she says that she likes reading, then talk about books. This is the best way to make her feel comfortable. Once she gets comfortable, talk about other topics as well.

4. Be friendly
If you are friendly with her, it doesn’t mean that she she will start talking to you immediately. But, with a friendly approach she will at least feel relaxed. Take her number and start chatting with her on the phone. She may find it easier to open up on the phone rather than in person.

5. Do not mock her
If you really want her to speak up, then do not mock her. Do not make fun of her, because she is not good at communicating. She is shy and introverted, and will require some time to open up. Making fun of her, even in jest, will only offend her more.

6. Do not be pushy
She will take some time to open up, so you need to have patience. If you are too pushy, then she may not like it. Understand what she needs, and it will help you. Do not force her to talk to you, she might also feel uncomfortable.

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