Tuesday, October 18, 2016

6 Tips to Deal with a Mama’s Girl !!

6 Tips to Deal with a Mama’s Girl two women running exercise sport fitness

Does your girlfriend always talk about her mom? Does her mom accompany her everywhere? Well, then it is high time you deal with this situation. Dealing with a mama’s girl can be quite frustrating, because you really do not know the correct way to handle this situation. Listed below are some tips to deal with the problem. Read on.

1. Confront your girlfriend
Tell your girlfriend that it is unpleasant for you to deal with this problem. Tell her that you do not like her being so obsessed with her mom. Confront her in a pleasing manner. If you shout at her, she will not like your behavior. After all you are talking about her mom, so tread carefully.

2. Ask her to maintain her space
Tell her that she should maintain space and balance between the relationship with her mother and the relationship she shares with you. Make her understand that each relationship is important and that learning to treat each one as separate and unique will benefit her in the future. Take care while discussing this as the topic is quite sensitive.

3. Show her that you are important too
Indirectly, ask your girlfriend to choose between you and her mom. While there is no doubt that she loves her mom, ask her what place you hold in her life? She needs to realize that giving you time and importance is just as necessary as the time she gives to her mom. This is definitely a touchy subject. Hopefully she will see that you feel hurt because your relationship with her has not been given the space to grow.

4. Give her time
Once you have expressed your thoughts, wait. Things are not going to change overnight, so you need to give her time to reflect on this topic. She may get your point and with the right amount of time will learn how to deal with the situation.

5. Be friendly with her mom
If nothing works, then this is the best option left. If you love her and she loves her mom more, then it is time to accept the truth. Be friendly with her mom and she will really feel good. Who knows, looking at your effort she may even give you the required space your relationship needs.

6. Accept the situation
If she is too close to her mom, then it is next to impossible to make her understand. What will you do in this case? You have two options, either you accept the situation or leave her for good. The choice and decision is yours. If you think, this relationship has no future, it is best to call it off.

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