Thursday, October 6, 2016

6 Common Etiquette Mistakes that Guys Make in Front of Women

6 Common Etiquette Mistakes that Guys Make in Front of Women  man woman walking on the street

Regardless of how handsome you are, do you know that you could be turning off women by making some of these common etiquette mistakes? If you want to have an impressive personality like a gentleman, avoid making these mistakes in your behavior.

1. Staring at women in a negative way
Women don’t like it when guys stare at them or other women in a negative way. It is one thing to take a glance at someone but to keep staring at a woman and her body is a completely unacceptable etiquette mistake that a guy can make in front of another woman. It is rude and feels very derogatory to the woman who is being stared at.

2. Treating staff in an inappropriate way
It is commonly believed that you can spot the true personality of a man in the way that he treats his staff, whether it is a waiter at the restaurant or the porter at a hotel. Many men make the mistake of treating staff in a very rude way. They think that it is their way of showing superiority. But they don’t understand that women look at it differently. Women feel that good etiquette dictates that everyone including service staff should be treated politely and pleasantly.

3. Talking with your mouth wide open when you are eating
Do you talk with your mouth wide open while eating at home or in a restaurant? That may be the reason why you are getting nasty looks from your date or from your partner at home. Leaving your mouth wide open while eating will make the other person see all the mess in your mouth. This is not considered good etiquette. If you must speak, start talking after you have gulped down the food with some water.

4. Nose picking in front of others
You are breaking one of the most disgusting etiquette rules if you pick your nose in front of women. There is a reason why little kids are taught not to put fingers in their noses and that is because it is outright dirty. You are taking out all the dirt and germs from your nose and putting it up for display on your fingers in public. Any woman will be instantly turned off if you do this. If you must blow your nose or if your nose feels itchy, excuse yourself to a restroom where you can take care of it in complete privacy.

5. Spitting in public
Do you think that you will look cool and mean if you spit in public? It doesn’t, and in fact, it looks very rude and dirty. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that spitting in public makes you look like a tough guy and by doing so, you will intimidate others. If a woman sees you spitting, she will instantly feel grossed out. It is likely that she won’t even have a conversation with you if you try to approach her.

6. Not cleaning sweaty patches at gym
A common etiquette mistake that many guys make at the gym is to leave sweaty patches over the machines, equipment and weights that they use. Women would never like it if they hop on a treadmill only to find sweat all over the handles. To avoid making this mistake, always carry a personal towel when you go to the gym so that you can wipe off the sweat that you have left on stuff that is being used by others too.

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