Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 Ways to not Get Friendzoned

5 Ways to not Get Friendzoned  friends friendship
It is quite disheartening to go through rejection, get your heart broken and then being told that you are just a friend. Most guys have been friend-zoned, that is being told by the women they like that they are nothing more than friends and should only remain that. It is next to impossible to understand women, but you can surely make an effort to know how not to get friend-zoned through this list.

1. Don’t always be available
While you should be there for her when she is emotionally distraught, don’t be there for her all the time when she doesn’t need it. Many guys commit the mistake of not being there for the girl when she needs it the most but being there for the fun times in order to play it cool. However, a woman would fall for and be with such a guy whom she can rely on for her problems not for parties. Don’t always be available though and keep conversations short if you sense her always ending them.

2. Maintain a little distance and mystery
Don’t get too pally and become back slapping buddies with a girl you have a crush on. You need to maintain a little distance from her and have a sense of mystery in your interactions with her. If your life is an open book and you are talking to her 24/7, the rush of liking will subside as soon as it came. Let her know that you are a friendly guy but not a friend; keep conversations short, let her initiate the talks and carry on your life as usual without making it seem as if she is very important to you.

3. Don’t make her feel special
While the good boys take the simple way out for wooing a woman by being extra nice to her, the bad boys take them away from under the noses of good guys because they care a damn for them. Women are complicated and weird in their thought processes. So if a guy is an open book and is everything a loving man should be, she would get bored of him. Hence you should make sure you treat her just like you treat your other gal pals. Don’t make her feel as if she is something special and then she will try to make you feel like you are something special.

4. Don’t start the topic of a relationship immediately
Don’t start to give off signs of your neediness as soon as you fall for her. It is a very big turn off for women when they are confronted by a romantic proposal from a guy they have just started to get to know as a friend. A woman will almost always tell you to remain friends if she feels it is too early on. Women are so used to men hitting on them that she will think you are simply another guy and friend-zone you. Be different to appeal to her and make her think that why after a considerable time period of friendship also you haven’t asked her out.

5. Flirt often
If you treat her like a friend then don’t expect to be treated any differently. The golden rule of avoiding the friend-zone is that you have to not give off the pally vibe. When you speak to her, sprinkle your conversations with flirtatious comments. Also, the usage of touch is very important in order to make her realize you are not just another friend. While talking, you could flirt a little and put your hand on hers, touching her arm slightly or pushing a strand of her hair behind from her face. Such intimate gestures will make her antsy for a proposal from your side which you should offer only after a considerable period of time.

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